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Copper Mining


SGNCO, a leading copper producer has its copper mines located in Eastern Botswana, just 400 kilometers northeast of the capital town, Gaborone.

Why Choose SGNCO for Copper?

We are a significant copper producer in Botswana. Our copper mines are strategically located in Eastern Botswana, offering a reliable supply of high-quality copper concentrates. Partnering with us will ensures a long-term bond, as we have reliable supply of quality copper concentrates.

Copper Concentrate Production

Our concentrate production process involves separating the main metallic compounds from the ore and concentrating them for sale to smelters.The marketing of base metal concentrates is a key element of SGNCO Mining business.

Copper in a Low Carbon Economy

As the world is becoming conscious against climatic changes, they are transiting and preferring clean energy resources too. And in all this, copper is a key player. Copper is indispensable in the production of essential commodities for this transition.

Why Copper for Clean Energy Transition?

Coppers properties make it the ideal choice for the clean energy transition.

  1. Conductivity: Copper boasts the highest conductivity among non- precious metals.
  2. Ductility: Easily molded into pipes, wires, and more.
  3. Efficiency: Efficiently removes heat from various applications.
  4. Recyclability: 100% recyclable without any loss in properties.

Copper Demand for Low Carbon Technologies

Copper Drives Electric Vehicles (EVs)

The future of transportation is EVs, and they consume up to four times more copper than traditional ICE passenger cars. The demand for copper intensifies with larger vehicles; for example, electric buses, use between 11 -18 times more copper than their ICE counterparts. Copper's crucial role spans from motors and inverters to extensive electrical wiring.

Copper in 5G Networks, Grid Structures, and Electrical Infrastructure

Copper is indispensable in almost all electricity-related technologies. According to the Copper Alliance, renewable energy systems may require up to 12 times more copper than traditional systems. For a Path to achieve Net Zero Emissions, Copper will play a crucial role in meeting the world’s electricity needs. In short “Copper is the New Oil”.

Race for Copper

As the world races towards a low-carbon future, Goldman Sachs predicts copper demand for low-carbon technologies to surge to 5.4 million tones by 2030, a significant increase from around 1 million tones in 2021. However, the current supply scenario is constrained, with operating copper mines and proposed projects falling short of projected demand. The pressure for new copper mining projects will undoubtedly rise as the transition to renewable energy and electrification accelerates. Partner with SGNCO Copper Mining Company to secure your stake in the copper revolution.

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