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SGNCO Green Resources PTY Ltd is a dynamic and innovative mineral exploration & mining company headquartered in Botswana. The mining company has a proven track record for mining in the both West and South African Regions. With a strong commitment to sustainable mining practices and responsible resource development, SGNCO Green Resources is dedicated to discovering and unlocking the potential of valuable metals & mineral resources nickel-copper-cobalt-platinum group metals (Ni-Cu-Co-PGM) while prioritizing environmental conservation and community engagement.

The company is backed by a team of highly skilled individuals possessing robust financial, technical, and operational proficiency. Additionally, we have a network of experienced advisors specializing in mining business, exploration, and metallurgy. We align ourselves with professionals who have achieved significant success across various stages of the mining technology and exploration industry. This collective expertise empowers us to navigate from discovery through exploration to mining.

SGNCO’s mines in Botswana are - Dikoloti Copper-Nickle Deposits, located in Eastern Botswana whereas the Diamond Mine project in the Orapa Region of Botswana.

Our Projects

Dikoloti Nickle-Copper Project

SGNCO’s Dikoloti Copper-Nickle Deposits are located in Eastern Botswana about 400KMs NE of the capital town Gaborone.

The Mineral Resource Estimate for the main Dikoloti prospect was based on Ni, Cu, Co, Au, Pd & Pt assays & density measurements obtained from 68 drillholes angled downwards between 45° & 90°.

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Diamond Exploration Project

The Diamond Mine project in the Orapa Region of Botswana aims to tap into the significant diamond reserves in this mineral-rich area.

With its strategic location and history of diamond discoveries, the project holds immense potential for economic growth and contribution to the global diamond industry.

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At SGNCO Green Resources PTY Ltd, we are dedicated to driving mineral exploration while upholding the highest standards of environmental responsibility, community engagement, and technical excellence.

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